Human Movement Research Lab

Our Equipment

Bertec Instrumented Treadmil

Bertec treadmills offer high precision data at precision-controlled speeds and accelerations. The system’s high natural frequency, low vibration drive system, and Bertec’s custom electronics enable independent and highly accurate 6-component load measurements from each belt.

AMTI in-ground Force Plates

The lab has 5 in-ground force plates from AMTI’s Optima line– the most advanced and accurate force plate system available. The force plates have an average center of pressure accuracy typically less than 0.2 mm, crosstalk values typically ±0.05% of applied load, and measurement accuracy typically ± 0.1% of applied load. This allows for highly accurate and precise overground data collection.

Qualisys Motion Capture Cameras

There are 26 motion capture cameras used in the lab. The cameras are capable of measuring hundreds of markers at thousands of frames per second in order to calculate marker positions with impressive speed and accuracy

Qualisys Super-Spherical Markers 

These highly reflective, perfectly spherical markers direct light back to the cameras and allow for extremely accurate optical tracking.